A basic Tutorial on How to Apply U V Gel on to Your own nails

Having trialed this myself i found my first attempt to be ok they looked great and my fingers were not as raw as i had experienced with acrylic you do have to watch for flooding some gels hold their place better than others and a led lamp works a bit better than a UV lamp as it drys quicker ill be adding more videos on this soon ,I didnt use nail tips i sculpted the whole nail with ordinary formers and thats what i will be showing you in our upcoming videos ,you can make a really good ombre with gels

Always oil your nails when you have applied extensions it really helps with nail conditioning

Shopping List

Clear Nail Tips ,Clear scultping Gel  Cover Pink Sculpting Gel,White sculpting,See through light pink scultping gel,Nail Prep.,Nail Primer

U V Light or a LED light,Premium Nail Brush,Top Coat U.V Cuticle oil





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