Pink flower Nail Decal sheet


Pink flower Nail Decal sheet

Pink flower Nail Decal sheet 1 Sheet of Fox Decals for Nails

Easy to apply Decals can be used with false or real nails

The benefit of Decals is they do not damage your nails and can easily be removed by soaking off in warm soapy water

Apply the decal using the instructions In Our Extra Images Or Follow this Link and Follow with a Good top coat

We also have nail Stampers available to help you position the decals   and the rhinestones for the center of the flowers

BORN PRETTY Holographic Transparent Nail Stamper

Delivery for Pink flower Nail Decal sheet

Delivery is Worldwide and time depends on the country you live in
We offer Free  Economy Delivery Typically 20-50 days and Express Delivery Typically 20-40  days Which is tracked and insured
Our Economy Delivery Prices help us keep Our prices for the Products Cheap If your item does not arrive within 60 Days A full refund is Guarenteed

Nail Glitter Rhinestones Crystal

Additional information

Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm

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