KADS Stamping polish



KADS Stamping polish For Nail art and Stencils

KADS Stamping polish For anil art and Stencils

31 colours to Choose from

KADS Stamping polish is used specifficly with nail stencils to transfer a picture onto your nails


Check out our nail Stamping Tutorial here you will need a Stencil a piece of flat plastic or nail scraper and a base nail colour for your design

Weight: 10g


Special nail polish for nail art stamping use with out nail Stencils to create fine detailed  designs on your nails

KADS Stamping polish £2.20 per bottle Free Shipping has a brush one end and a pen style applicator the other

Superior Quality and brand new merchandise

Simple to use: Shake or stir very well before use.

KADS Stamping polish
KADS Stamping polish


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