Gradient Stickers Nail Wraps Full

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Gradient Stickers Nail Wraps Full Cover

Gradient Stickers Nail Wraps Full Cover





Beautiful Glitter Nail Wraps

Glued directly to nail adhesive back

Pack of 14 Glittery wraps some are the same in a pack some are mixed colours in a pack please refer to the images above

Use a top coat to protect the Glitter


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Gold and silver (QJ1031), Purple and Silver (QJ1032), Mixed Brown and Gold QJC1033, Green (QJC1034), Mixed Blues QJc1035, Dark Blue QJc1036, Light Blue QJc1037, Dark red QJc1038, Crimson QJC1039, Chocolate QJc1040, Medium Purple QJC1041, Dark Purple QJC1-42, Dark Pink QJC1043, Light Pink QJC1044

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