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Gel Nail Reinforcement Kit


Gel Nail Reinforcement Kit

Gel Nail Reinforcement Kit

If you suffer from Short breaking nails you can use this kit to grow them longer

The kit contains one pot of Clear Hard Gel builder to reinforce your nails with

1x air Dry Primer

1x mini usb uv lamp

1x clear Gel top coat

For Full instructions you can see me reinforcing my nails here

1Clean and prep your nails

2 Apply air dry primer to your nails

3using a brush apply a small amount of gel to your brush and carfully brush it onto your nails

Do one nail at a time until you are use to the process

Cure the painted nails for 3 minutes under the uv lamp

You can repeat the process for a extra strong Layer curing the nails again

Seal with the gel top coat and cure under the lamp for another 2 minutes

you can paint your nails now with either normal varnish or gel varnish

If you need to removea reinforcement soak the nail using a cotton pad soaked in acetone and some foil around your finger for 20 minutes

Keep soaking till the gel comes away on its own

Hard Gel Extension Builder Venalisa
Hard Gel Extension Builder Venalisa
Venalisa Air Dry Primer
Venalisa Air Dry Primer


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