Fengshangmei 5ml Aurora Nail Gel Top



Fengshangmei 5ml Aurora Nail Gel Top Coat 12 Colors Clear UV Gel Nail Polish Art Design Hybrid Gel Varnish





Fengshangmei 5ml Aurora Nail Gel Top Coat

Fengshangmei 5ml Aurora Nail Gel Top Coat

This Aurora gel is clear with sparkling sequins

. It is better to use a base color before applying this gel .

The dark colors like black ,grey will be better to show the effect .

Use steps 1. Shape the nail. Lightly buff the surface of the nail plate.

2. Apply base coat and dry it

3. Apply color gel polish and cure it

 4.Apply the Aurora gel and cure it . Then done.

The results differ wildly even with one colour on different coloured base coats

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