Born Pretty Starry Sky Magnetic gels


Born Pretty Starry Sky Magnetic gels

Born Pretty’s Magnetic Starry Sky range

Choose from Six Colours Needs a Black Base and a magnetic wand to draw shapes in the Varnish

Options Choose from

Single Varnishes

Varnish and Wand

Varnish wand and Black Undercoat

Set of just 6 varnishes

Please See Our Magnetic Nails Tutorial Here

*Please Note Bottles and Tubs can be large than amount of liquid sold *



Delivery Information for Born Pretty Starry Sky Magnetic gels

Delivery is Worldwide and time depends on the country you live in
We offer Free  Economy Delivery Typically 20-50 days and Express Delivery Typically 20-40  days Which is tracked and insured
Our Economy Delivery Prices help us keep Our prices for the Products Cheap If your item does not arrive within 60 Days A full refund is Guarenteed

Additional information

Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm

Starry Green Varnish, Starry Blue Varnish, Starry Purple Varnish, Starry Rose, Starry Fawn, Starry Pink, 5ml Black, Starry Green+Black+magnetic wand, Starry Blue+black+Magnetic wand, Starry Purple+Black+Magnetic Wand, Starry Rose+Black+Magnetic Wand, Starry Fawn+Black+Magnetic Wand, Starry Pink+Balck+Magnetic wand, Starry Green+Magnetic Wand, Starry Blue+Magnetic wand, Starry Purple+Magnetic wand, Starry Rose+Magnetic Wand, Starry Fawn+Magnetic Wand, Starry Pink +Magnetoc wand, Set of 6 Varnishes

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