Although it Sounds easy Nail stamping can be tricky if you dont have the right items available

Here we weill show you how to get the best results

Before you start we recommend having handy

Your nail Stencil

1 stamping scraper

1 Clear nail Stamp

1 quality nail stamping polish

1 nail polish for your base

1 good top coat polish

1 uv light if using gel polish

1 UV lamp to cure the polish if you are using gel

Prep your nails and paint them with a solid colour that will go underneath your nail stamp image and dry thoroughly or use the uv lamp to cure if using gels

Place your stamping plate on a flat surface and place a few drops of the stamping polish over about half of the image you are using

use the scraper to pull the polish down and across the whole designs so the polish falls into the stamping plates cut out design

Quickly get your Nail stamp and press on the template with firm pressure and a rolling motion and your nail stamp should pick up the image

Wasting no time look down through your clear stamper to position the stamp on your nail and press firmly onto your nail the image should now show on your nail

Leave to Dry or cure the image if you are using UV gel and then Add a top coat to protect your design

There are lots of stamps out there to try and lots of stamping polishes

Always use a proper stamping polish as normal polish does not pick up onto the stamper well and will waster your money i will be uploading images for inspiration here shortly below you can find a tutorial and also products we sell to help wth your stamping projects

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