Ideal for people with short brittle Nails

How to Grow Your Natural Nails Long! Ideal for weak and Brittle Nails

If your one of those people who cant grow their nails longer than the top of their finger or continuously suffer tears and breaks preventing their nails from growing this Video is for you

Weak nails can happen at any time for many different reasons,Vitamin deficencys ,Nail Extensions,hormonal changes are just a few of the many reasons your nails might be weak

This is also a great method if you have any skin reactions to the Extension products like i do.I have gone a few months without any extensions usually my nails wont grow long and break so I love having extensions on but i do have senstive skin and if i get any product on my fingers at all i get tiny blisters the methods im using today does use product but its going to reduce the chance of the product coming in contact with my skin which is fantastic for me!

Have a look at our Video on how to Grow your natrual nail Long and suffer from very few breaks .For some people this metod will be temporary and they will be able to maintain long nails for others they will need to repeat the procedure to maintain their nail length it really depends on whats making your nails weak

All products we used in the video are available on our site seperatley or you can buy the items as a kit below The Kit includes 1x Mini UV lamp that plug into your usb,1 pot of Clear Hard gel (the gel is not Hard until cured),1 Appication Brush ,1 pot of Lavender Cuticle oil and one Bottle of Nail primer Nail Primer £

The Coconut oil we recommend on Amazon is found Here at £5.99 and can be applied direct to the nail base or you can soak your nails in it for 20 mnutes a day of you are not wearing Gel We recommend soaking your nails in the oil even if you usually dip or wear extensions because any extension or gel Varnish can cause dry or damage to the nail and this helps your nails stay strong it acts like a moisturising facemask for your nails and its Natrual

The benifits of using this method rather than using extensions

1.The Cost-a full gel manicure in the UK starts around £26.00 and goes up from there the cost of a jar of clear gel on our site is from £3.99 and will do many sets of nails you could even make it even cheaper by using a poly gel but this is a bit thicker than the Hard gel

2 Less product comes in contact with your Skin-As you are only painting the nail with the gel there is much less chance the gel and liquids will touch your skin if you are like me and have a reaction to some products this is so much better for your hands

3 Easy to fill in-Rather than have to replace your full set of nails every few weeks its easy to just have a quick file and fill the gel in when your nail grows up and its also much quicker to redo than building a whole new nail

4 If you use ordinary nail varnish you only have to wipe it off with a acetone pad to change it no more soaking your colour off unless your using Gel

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