If you dip Your nails or use Extensions It doesnt take long to dry your nails out to a flaky scaly nail you dont recognise but dont worry its really easy to repair dry nails within a few days if you take some time out from your usual manicure

Why are your Nails Dry?

If you are applying dip or using any type of extension products that make the nail stick to your nail like primers cleansers dehydrators and glue all dry the nail bed intentionally so you product sticks to the nail,then when we remove the product with acetone this drys it further,and if you are regularly doing this process or using acetone for longer periods of time to soak off stubborn nails you will get very dry nails

You can also have dry nails if you dont use anything on them all these tips will help you as well,vitamin deficencys,hormones and working in dry enviroments can all dry out your nails without any product

I regularly change my nails for videos and this page and below is a image of my nail when i took off my last set of nails

Thats actually red nail varnish under my nails that stained my finger under the nail not dirt!

Its a constant battle of drying your nails for extensions or dip then rehydrating them inbetween if youlet your nails keep staying dry they will break really low and become painful on the nail bed and around the sides of your fingers

Red ness and itching also tiny red blisters signifys you may be allergic to Acetone or the nail product, if this the case try your best to try and get as less product on your skin as possible.

Use protection nail peel off liquid around your finger when applying products moisturing the finger intensly will help releive the itching and redness untill it calms down

As for dry nails dont keep reappying dip and product stop for a few days to rehydrate your nails it can happen quickly if you work on it

Heres my routine :

Cuticle oil twice a day and rub into nail and finger

I use these two cuticle oils we dont sell these on our website site so if you click on the image you will be taken to the product on amazon,If you decide to purchase amazon will pay us a nominal advertising fee.

Cnd solar ol ive used since i was about 20 its a great all around oil i find the trial size goes along way so dont buy it in large quantitys

I use the trail size lasts ages available in larger sizes Click the link to be taken to the product on amazon

The other one i use is this coconut Fragranged oil they come in lots of scents from almond to kiwi quite small bottles but do the job

Next i rub in a large quantity of hand cream nothing to fragranced and leave it on all over my nails for a few minutes before rubbing in by now my nails are usually visbly improving

I love anything coconut so Palmers cocnut handcream is ideal for me

Last of all if really dry i soak my hands in warm water and cocnut oil if you dont have coconut oil you can use any oil ,olive oil is also great ,usually you will see a improvement straigt away but its best to dothis for a few days to let you nails and fingers heal.

Coconut oil add to a little warm water and soak your hands for 20 minutes every day you dont have dip or extensions on

If you have any kind of product on your nails use cuticle oil every day ontop of your dip or extension it will help tremendously

Other things you can try

Where latex gloves when applying product to your nails on the opposite hand to protect it from extra product

Pick a hand cream /moisturiser with alpha hydroxy acids.

Put petroleum jelly on your nails at night let it work its magic while you sleep

Which ever method you choose let your nails recover before applying new product or anything that needs to be removed with acetone ,keep your cuticle oil in your bag and apply it as often as you like ,you donthave to spend lots of money on oil for your nails either some cuticle oils on our site start

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