If you wanted to try chrome powders but were not sure how to go about it have a look at our video below where i blend colours together with chrome powders

Below the video is the step by step process i used and in the video description on you tube you can find the products i used

First i applied a layer of Black nail Varnish and cured it in my led lamp for approx 60 seconds if your lamp is a uv one it will take longer approxthe same again.

I repeat the process so i have 2 layers of black gel cured

Next i apply a normal coat of gel top coat i cure it for 30 seconds but i do not remove the tacky layer

Now i apply the powders first i start with the tip and i use a soft eyeshadow brush small foam eyeshadow brushes also work well

Keep turning the nail and looking for patchy areas the powder is translucent so as you turn the nail some areas will appear covered in some lights and not in others

next apply the second colour right at the back of your nail and pull it forward onto the first colour gentley keep patting till its blended

when you are happy with the results use a no wipe top cat and cure for 30 seconds to protect your work and you are done

There are many colour combinations you can try out

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